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As part of the Medical Health Delivery System, Dentistry is part of the essential work force that is allowed to continue with treatment patients need.  Below are the guidelines used to determine whether your treatment is considered essential or non essential.  If your treatment falls under the essential category we encourage you to complete your treatment to avoid an emergency situation.   If your treatment does not meet the definition of essential treatment we encourage you to postpone your treatment for 30 days.  

At this time we are seeing one patient at a time with no waiting room time.  We will be taking the temperature of every staff member and patient before they are allowed to work or be seated in a dental chair.  All protocols are followed to ensure the safety of staff and patients.


 Essential Treatment:

1.  You have been diagnosed with decay that requires a large filling or a crown.  

2.  You are experiencing discomfort or pain.

3.  You have noticed swelling (active infection).

4.  You have broken a tooth/teeth.

5.  A Crown needs to be cemented/recemented  on a prepared tooth..  

6. For Cleanings and Deep Cleanings - if you have health risk factors you should keep your cleaning appointment.  This will minimize the risk of developing infection which can lead to an emergency problem.   If you have no health risk factors you can postpone your appointment.


Non Essential Treatment:

 1.  Elective treatment such as cosmetic dentistry.

2.  Teeth whitening procedures.

3.  Routine cleanings with no health risk factors.


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