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Protecting your smile doesn't have to be a long process. At the dental practice of Ralph Reyes, DDS, we offer custom same-day crowns to restore the integrity of your bite and the fullness of your smile. Our team is passionate about boosting your health and confidence with reliable dental restorations.

We are proud to protect the smiles of the residents of Azusa, Glendora, Duarte, Corina, and the surrounding areas. Our team believes everyone should feel comfortable and welcome in our office, which is why we offer our services in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Farsi to serve our patients better. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your same-day crown.


Do I Need a Same-Day Crown?

A dental crown is a restoration that provides a vital service because it protects a weak or compromised tooth from further damage, infection, or decay. Crowns protect a tooth with a large cavity or filling, a chipped or cracked tooth, or a tooth that is worn or too small. With modern dental technology, you don't have to wait weeks for a crown that's as durable as it is beautiful.

That is why we offer same-day custom crowns to renew the protection your tooth needs and recreate the surface area of your bite. Here are some of the reasons you may need a same-day crown in Azusa:

  • Cover a discolored or stained tooth
  • Restore a tooth's shape and strength
  • Add height to a tooth that is shorter than the neighboring teeth

Regardless of the reason you're interested in a dental crown, you can rely on our custom same-day crowns to restore the beauty of your smile and the functionality of your bite.

What Are the Benefits of CEREC Same-Day Crowns in Azusa?

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It's no secret that prompt and effective care can make a difference in protecting your health, which is why we offer same-day crowns to safeguard your oral health. We tailor our same-day crowns to match the size, shape, and color of your natural teeth to create a seamlessly blended smile. We use CEREC, which stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, because its high-quality results are convenient, durable, and customizable.

Same-day crowns are convenient because we complete the appointment in a single visit. The material we use is durable and can withstand the forces exerted when you chew food while protecting your damaged or compromised tooth. Our team artfully fits your crown to ensure it feels comfortable within your arch of teeth.

Our Same-Day Crowns Process

Our team offers beautiful same-day crowns that look and feel natural to restore the protection you need. We begin with a thorough exam of your teeth, jaws, and gums and take precise measurements and impressions to create your new, personalized crown. Our office is equipped with a milling machine that will craft your custom crown. The entire appointment, from the initial exam to the creation of your restoration to the final fitting, only lasts a few hours. Once your same-day crown is complete, we carefully check to ensure it feels comfortable and secure, then we cement it in place, and you're ready to show off your rejuvenated smile.

Same-Day Crowns FAQs

It's natural to have questions about any dental treatment you need, and our friendly team encourages you to share your concerns and questions. We are happy to provide the answers and resources you need to make an informed decision regarding your oral health. Here are some of the most common questions we receive about same-day crowns in Azusa.

Do dental crowns hurt?

No. Our same-day crowns are customized to fit comfortably within your arch of teeth. We check to ensure a snug and natural fit, and most people forget they even have a crown.

Our same-day crowns are durable and can last for many years, just like a dental crown that is created in a lab. CEREC crowns can last 10-15 years when you care for them properly.

Yes. We can create a dental crown for any tooth in your bottom or top arches, from molars to incisors. If we cannot create your custom crown with our in-house CEREC machine, we will send the information and measurements to a trusted lab for the creation of your crown.

Same-day crowns are easy to care for because you simply brush and floss them twice daily, just like your natural teeth. It's important that you avoid chewing ice, hard candies, and certain nuts because they can damage your dental crown. You will want to maintain your biannual dental appointments so our gentle dentist can verify the integrity of your same-day crown.

Custom Same-Day Crowns in Azusa

A compromised tooth or a lost or broken dental crown can jeopardize your oral health and your peace of mind. At the dental practice of Ralph Reyes, DDS, we offer custom same-day crowns that look and feel natural. We are passionate about boosting your oral health and the beauty of your smile with our crowns. Our team combines decades of experience with modern technology to offer convenient same-day crowns in Azusa. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.



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