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Whether you're missing a single tooth or an entire arch of teeth, it can negatively impact your smile's functionality and appearance. If you're looking for an excellent tooth replacement option, dental implants may be perfect for you. At the dental practice of Ralph Reyes, DDS, we're proud to offer dental implants in Azusa.

Our practice uses quality restorations ranging from crowns to bridges. We also work closely with a trusted periodontist for procedures like implant placement and bone grafts. Our team looks forward to meeting you and helping your smile look and bite function at its best. Call us today to schedule your next appointment and get the Azusa dental implants you need!


Crafting Your Custom Dental Restorations

Over the years, we've fine-tuned our implant-supported restoration offerings to meet our patients' diverse restorative needs. Once we've determined that dental implants are right for you, we'll take detailed impressions of your smile. We'll then send your impressions to a trusted local lab to craft the restoration you need. Some of the restorations that we offer include:

Crowns: An implant-supported crown is perfect for replacing a single missing tooth. Their natural appearance and feel help reduce the time you need to get used to your new restoration. Additionally, we can place them at any position throughout your mouth.

Bridges: Implant-supported bridges can replace multiple missing teeth in a row. Using implant posts to anchor both ends of the restoration, bridges help prevent your adjacent teeth from shifting out of place and stimulate your jawbones to avoid bone loss.

Dentures: If you're missing an entire arch of teeth, dentures may be the right option for you. Implant-supported dentures are composed of artificial teeth that sit on an acrylic base. This is an ideal replacement option if you're already comfortable with the feel of traditional dentures.

All-on-4®: All-on-4 is a type of implant-supported denture. However, what separates other types of dentures from All-on-4, is that they only use four implant posts to secure your denture. Our dentist will perform a qualifying examination to determine if All-on-4 is an ideal option for your smile.

Catering to Your Pretreatment Needs

During your initial exam, we may determine that your smile needs some additional work before you can safely receive your dental implants. Our office works closely with a periodontist to handle your extensive pretreatment needs. No matter what procedure you need, you can rest assured that we'll work to make your overall experience as stress-free as possible. Some of the pretreatments our periodontist regularly performs include:

Extractions: One of the highest priorities of our practice is saving your natural teeth whenever possible. However, there may be certain situations where one or multiple teeth need to be extracted for you to receive your implants, like when your tooth is severely decayed or damaged. Our team will work with you to schedule your extraction and monitor your smile to ensure the area heals correctly. Once we've extracted your tooth, we'll coordinate with you to place your dental implants.

Bone Grafts: If your jawbone is weak or brittle, a bone graft can help prepare your smile for implants. A bone graft is a surgical procedure that takes a small amount of healthy bone and reinforces the area where you need a dental implant. By adding density and volume to your jawbone, dental implants can properly fuse to your jaws.

Sinus Lifts: A sinus lift is a surgical procedure that's like a bone graft. By transferring healthy bone from another section of your mouth to an area that needs it, you can help improve the success of dental implant placement. However, a sinus lift is solely for your upper jaw area and raises your sinus floor.

Dental Implants FAQs

It's normal to have questions about our dental implant services. That's why our team is here to answer your questions and break down the entire process. Some of the most frequently asked questions about dental implants include:

How long do dental implants last?

One of the most appealing aspects of dental implants is how long they last. With proper at-home care and regular dental office visits, you can expect your dental implants to last decades of repeated use.

We recommend that you treat your implant-supported restorations as you would your natural teeth. By brushing them twice a day and regularly flossing them, you can help keep them clean and operating at peak performance.

Dental implants are non-removable and meant to last indefinitely. However, your dentist can remove your implant-supported restorations to make repairs to them or replace them entirely.

Quality Azusa Dental Implants

Whether you need a single tooth or an entire arch of teeth replaced, our office is the place for you. At the dental practice of Ralph Reyes, DDS, we're proud to offer implant-supported restorations to meet your diverse tooth replacement needs. Our office also features a periodontist that can complete procedures ranging from implant placement to sinus lifts. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment and get the Azusa dental implants you need!



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